My wife and I are attending the Il Divo concert in April at the Atlantic Pavilion. Can you tell me is it easy to park a car fairly close?

what good restaurant are close to the Atlantic Pavilion?


City: Lisbon

District: Lisboa

Country: Portugal


Yes it's easy to park near the Atlantic Pavilion although you should be some time before to be sure it is not full. There are several restaurants near either in the Vasco da Gama moll or in the street.
Have a look

I wish you a nice time
Hi! Well, right next to Atlantic Pavilion you have the Vasco da Gama Shopping and you can park there. It will very busy since it's a concert day so you might want to get there sooner, like 2 or 3h before the concert. Since the location is very cool, you can go sooner for a walk along the river. As for restaurants, there are a few that are very nice, from grill to italian, right on the riverside. Here go a few names: Cappriciosa, Republica da Cerveja, Bufalo Grill, Oliva (this one is very nice, just beside the shopping).

Hope you have a nice visit!

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There are several parkings around the Atlantic Pavillion, the best ones being 'Atlântico' and 'Parque das Tágides'. As for restaurants, you will have a great choice, from international to typical Portuguese food. My suggestion: NOBRE (Parque das Nações - Edifício Nau - 1800-083 Lisboa - +351 21 8931604), OS ALENTEJANOS (Cais dos Argonautas, Jardins de Água - 1990-254 Lisboa - +351 218 956 116) or PETRA RIO (Rua do Pólo Sul lote - 1990-274 Lisboa - +351 218 948 232)
Have a loot of parking car near- Vasco da gama shoping, Casino Lisboa, and Tágides parking.
In Vasco da Gama shoping you have many restaurants and in the stret near the river.
Have a good concert
Carlos Viegas
It is easy to park in that area. In Centro Comercial Vasco da Gama you have a big park. You will find various paid parks in that area. Close to Pavilhao Atl|antico you have a Casino where you can have dinner. You will find some very nice restaurants on the riverside.
Hya, guys. Welcome to Lisboa, an outstanding city. Well, parking is no problem around Parque das Nações. You've got a huge car park below Estação do Oriente (Train, metro and bus station) right in front of Vasco da Gama shopping center at a low fair price. You also have got tons of street parking places with parkmeetter around the area. Try to get there 2 or 3 hours in advance, that's a busy area at all times due to the station, the shopping center, the casino and the other facilities around. Talking about food and beverages, you must try "Zina". It is a gorgeous restaurant with brilliant food sugestions and a superb wine and beverage options, it has live music and a spectacular terrace over the river. It is located at Alameda dos Oceanos, right in the Parque das Nações, close to the Pavillion. You might need reservation ( 212433298). Enjoy your stay.

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