Can a rental car get near the Waipio Overlook or is it only accessible by 4wheel or hiking.


City: Hilo

State: Hawaii

Country: United States


You can drive to the look out point with any vehicle but I don't reccomend driving into the valley at all it's a very dangerous one way road. Check out for private tour info!
The closest car rental I believe is in Waimea, about 20 min. from the lookout. 4 wheel
is recommended to drive down, but not to get to the look out.
You can drive a rental car of any kind to the Waipio Overlook.
To drive into Waipio Valley you must have a 4WD. You can rent a 4WD. There is also the shuttle that drives you down and back. It is a bit pricey but then you don't have the terror of the ride. I personally find that thinking about how steep it is, how there is just room for only one car for most of it, is scary but the actual experience is exhilarating. I have hiked down and back, and do not recommend that you do that unless you are either or both a glutton for punishing hikes or in super duper athletic good shape.

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