where can gay guys hang out in jamaica?


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


Jamaica is a beautiful country but many people are homophobic.My best advice is to be discreet and enjoy the beauty of the country
Hi there many jamaicans are homophobic however there really aren't specific places to hang out. Itt does help to be discreet. JA is a lovely place and so are the people have fun and fuljoy your holiday. :-)
Although Jamaica has a lot of homophobic people as stared in the answers to your question, we have become a more tolerant people. I have friends who are gay and have no problems hanging out at all the night spots in Mobay. However be advised that Jamaican's although tolerant do not like to witness open groping and kissing of ppl of the same sex and will be very verbal in their dislike. You will be pleasantly surprised by how friendly our people are. Come and enjoy our little paradise.
As Everyone one is saying the country is homophobic. There are no openly gay hang out spots. but just be discreet. They are some safe zone areas, where there is a mixed private parties, but you would have to know people who know people that sort of thing.
Im embarassed to say this but Jamaicans on a whole are extremely homophobic and therefore Jamaica is not a particularly safe place for gays. If u do visit you will need to be extremely discreet or stay within the confines of an all inclusive hotel and only use tour buses. Wandering out on your own especially at night could lead to abuse both verbally and physically. Plz forgive my people for their ignorance. I can only hope in the future my people will be more tolerant.

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