Hello, Travelling alone end of May(woman), have read different things generally but didn`get vision how things going exactly.. First...

...problem ticket, need to travel from aerport to the centre, then need travel three times to Montmelo and back. I have figured out that montmelo is zone 2 area, so is there zone2 T10 ticket available, is it also in effect centre of Barcelona metro? Can I buy its from aerport? Secondly from Montmelo station is it marked to find circuit Catalunya(how long walk?) Haven`t book hotel yet, probaply near by Liceu metrostation. So takin metro to the Passeig de Gracia, is that renfe platform like some place where metro stop? I`m so confused all I have read and don`t know if anyone catch my points of these questions(cause my english) but wanna gets as much as possible information before, that I`don`t have to waist time by asking there all the time plus so scared about those pickpocketings... Every accurate inscructions are so welcome, please. Thanks


City: Barcelona

Autonomous community: Catalonia

Country: Spain



Yes, buy a 2-zones 10trip card at the airport train station from the vending machines, and use it to get to Passeig de Gracia.
There, after walking through a few tunnels, you'll be able to switch to the L3 metro line (green) that takes you to Liceu.

You'll have to go through a turnstile again and use the 2-zone 10trip card to unlock it, but it won't charge you twice: you can transfer from train to subway without being charged 2 times as long as you do it within 1h30min (for 2-zone cards).

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According the information that they send me from the Grand Prix it is also possible to go to Montmeló with a bus.

There will be a special bus service operating to transfer for spectators of the Grand Prix from Barcelona centre to the race venue at Circuit de Catalunya. This is organized by the coach company Sagalés.

The exact details regarding Sagalés timetable and prices have not yet been organised so it will not be possible to reserve tickets yet. However Circuit de Catalunya have confirmed that the service will be available.

When coach tickets go on sale you will be able to book the tickets from the Sagalés phone line: +34 90 213 0014.

So there would be 2 possibilities to go to Montmeló : one of them would be like my collegue Marta was telling you with train and the other one will be with the bus.

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