where is Angel de la Independencia in Mexico city,Mexico ?


City: Ciudad de Mexico

Federal district: Distrito Federal

Country: Mexico


The Angel of the Independence (Angel de la Independencia) is located on Paseo de la Reforma (Reforma Avenue), 5 blocks away from Chapultepec Park and 1 block away from the American Embassy (close to the City Center).
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The ÁNGEL DE LA INDEPENDENCIA or simply "el Ángel" (the angel) as we called it in México, is located on Reforma avenue (as P. Roux wrote before me). It´s really a sculpture of a "winged" Victory on a column, built in 1910 to conmemorate the first hundred years the war against spaniards begun in 1810.
Its in Mid Town Mexico City around by H. JW Marriot Reforma, other corner H. St. Regis next to Zona Rosa and the American Embassy in Reforma
Insurgentes is a very busy street that transects Mexico City from north to south. Perpendicular to this street is the beautiful street Reforma. The Angel is the monument to Independence that is located on Reforma, at Florencia. This is at the edge of the Zona Rosa, and if you are travelling from the Historic Center going toward Chapultepec Park, you pass by this beautiful column with the gold angel atop. Some of the remains of the Mexican Heroes are in the base of the Angel.

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