Jeep or similar hire Hanoi and Son La.

I am going to north Vietnam in the summer for 6 weeks with 3 other students to research around Son La. We are looking to hire a jeep or similar vehicle to travel from Hanoi to Son La and then around the rural areas of Son La for the 6 weeks. Could anyone recommend any companies providing this services? And do you think relying on hitch-hiking with locals is a good idea? Thank you!


City: Hanoi

Municipality: Ha Noi

Country: Vietnam


It is very easy to get local bus from Hanoi.
you can go to big Bus station: Giap Bus ( 8 km away from Hoan Kiem Lake - city center).
Bus to Son La are available from 6 am to 6pm.
You can use budget bus with seat or luxury bus with bed as well.
In my view, you should take luxury one.
If you need more information for Son La or northwest of Vietnam, please come this site to see more:
or feel free contact me at any time.
I am very happy to help you when you come to Vietnam!
Have a nice trip in Vietnam!
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Welcome you in Vietnam. One question for you? You drive yourself or lend a driver? Travel Agent: (+84) 094 9290099; (+84) 04 39290099.
Come to Hanoi, Please call me if get trouble: Mr.Hoang - (+84) 098 994 6633

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Yes, we can help you do the researching trip by organizing a short term program to host you and your students, therefore you should become our volunteers, please contact us at , website:
thank you, I have sent an e-mail to Volunteering 4 Community Development regarding this message, I look forward to hearing from you!
The easy way is to let one of the drivers at their hotel that intend to stay in at Hanoi go find a jeep for them. There are so many so there is no big problem. When they get to their hotel have the front desk ask one of his drivers to locate a jeep and they will bring it to the hotel and they can accept or reject it. It will come with a driver, it is rare to rent a car without a driver but again, almost anything can be done for money.
I would suggest they use a local driver to drive and let themselves relax as the traffic is tricky and can be dangerous. Also, they are not allowed to drive unless they have a Vietnamese drivers license, the international license doesn't cut the mustard here anymore. They can take the time and convert their license into a Vietnamese license but it takes time and money and translations too. At some testing locations they have to take a drivers test anyway and the written part is in Vietnamese only. If they take the test always choose the biggest answer as it is mostly the right answer. Good luck.
Thank you thank is very helpful, I had heard that International Driver Permits weren't allowed in Vietnam - it's good to have confirmation.
I think we would get a bus or coach to Son La Town first, then ask to hire a driver and jeep from Son La Town, because we are not staying in a hotel in Hanoi, we are looking to stay in Son La Town.
Do you think that it will be possible to find such service on Son La Town?
Thank you.
Vietnam Adventures ( ) provides good services for car rental in northern Vientam and some sort of adventure. Ask them for more details
You can hire a jeep in the old is not difficult though. Wish you safe travels then!

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