I hope to stay a few days in New Delhi and looking for a single room (ecomony) within walking distance to Vasant Vihar.

My trip is to get some document approved from the High commission of Brunei Darussalam.


City: New Delhi

Union territory: Delhi

Country: India


Hi Lionel,

I suppose you should contact an estate agent or two, maybe they can help you find short stay rooms...And Incidentally, Vasant Vihar is a very expensive and a fairly large area. so, finding a place within walking distance would not be easy. Let me check with a few friends living in that area and see if they can help, more later... Just tell me when is your trip planned
Hi Akram,
Thank you for your information. If Vasant Vihar is expensive, I don't mind a decent room somewhere else in the city. I may be able to hire a taxi to visit Vasant Vihar. My trip is depend on the date of issuance of visa by the High Commission for India in Colombo. Your information is appreciated.
Hi Lionel,
try and find out if there's any student from Sri Lanka studying in JNU, maybe you can stay with him for the time needed for your work in Delhi.. and JNU is adjoining Vasant Vihar.. I have asked a few friends to see what would be the best possibility.. will get back later.
I think Akrambhai's idea of staying with a Sri Lankan student of JNU would be the best one if you get any contact as its the nearest point from Vasant Vihar and economic to you too.

chechk for this place -=-

1) Home Away From Home (around Rs.650/- per night)
RZ-146/9, Gaushala Marg, Kishangarh,, Vasant Kunj

2) Mayas Nest Hostel, New Delhi, India (around Rs.1000/-)
C2 Flat 2038 Vasant Kunj, 110070, New Delhi

3) Home stay at Vasant Kunj (around Rs.750/- per night)
C2 Flat 2038, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070

u can find the contacts in any directory....ur emabssy will be a long walk / 10 min by taxi distance from here...

if u r lucky u can strike a good bargain from them for more number of days...

all these are small places but neat & clean...

also note - vasant kunj is not vasant vihar where u r to...some distance away!!

Hi Priya,
Many thanks for your reply. The detailed information would help me book a place. However, after I ready my travel document, I may get back to you unless i contact the hotels directly.
please contact these homestays directly...i was only trying to help u...:)
Try logging onto to it has a lot of cheap budget hotels/hostels.

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