where to exchange money in beijing


City: Beijing

Municipality: Beijing

Country: China


Hi, you may exchange your money at airport, your hotel, and bank.
In China the exchange rates are largely controlled, so most official money changers will not rip you off on the exchange rate - just the commission if anything! I usually advise changing money at the hotels, since you won't be worse off than using a bank. That said, most banks will have a separate line for foreign exchange so you won't need to queue much - try the Bank of China, which is usually good for foreign exchange. Bring your passport, since registration is required for money changing in China.
go to Bank of China, the rates are reasonable and according to market.
or you can use your ATM card to withdraw in some major ATM in China, no hassle at all, just some handling charges occur.
advise you to change in bank instead of any local money laundry, to prevent getting fake money, since you might not easily differentiate it.

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