I want to go from Paris (actually from Melun) to Strassbourg using the cheapest way! I have a car that I can use (peugeot 101, or...

...201). Is it cheaper to go by car, by train, by bus? is there anything like but from french busses and trains? Accommodation in Strassbourg for 2 young married couples?? cheap ones of course! and what about the meals and other things to do there on a the last weekend of the year (26 dec). Thanx a lot!


City: Strasbourg

Region: Alsace

Country: France



For the way to get from Paris to Strasbourg, I'd say to take the train. The train will leave you in the Gare Centrale (Central Station), and from there you can take trams and buses EVERYWHERE. Anyway, once you're in Strasbourg, you'll soon realize it's a small city, and with the trams and buses it's enough to enough to move around on "long" distances. If not, the best way to discover Strasbourg is walking!

For accommodation, it all depends on your standards! When I first came to Strasbourg, I stayed in "Hotel de l'Esplanade". It's perfectly situated, has good prices, but the hotel is not that pretty. The bedrooms are so-so, but they do have great free internet and as I said, the price and locations are awesome!

I'd say reserve NOW anywhere you can, because in december there's the "Marche de Noel" in Strasbourg, that is the oldest and most beautiful one in all of France! So, yeah, it's something you CAN'T MISS.

Contact me if you need any more information.

There are no nationwide low cost bus routes in France such as the UK....yet! We're working on that!

The 'low-cost' version of the TGV (high speed train) may be an option for you. Its called IDTGV and has good offers for advance bookings. Their English language website is here

Happy travelling!

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