I will move to Dubai at month's end. I will earn a good salary, but want to save about 40%. How much for modest 2bdrm apt (not Spartan)?


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


Hi. cost for a 2 bed room in Dubai depends totally on the localation you intend to stay. But on an avergage in a good locality within city in a decent building it can cost anywhere betweeen 5000-6000 AED per month.
you can find nice place in merdef- Dubai around 45,000 dhs or if you ant sheep than this you can stay in sharjah ,its city near Dubai around 15 mints to Dubai and you and find around 25,000 dhs
it's depends on your location however it's quite expensive over here , it cost anywhere around 5000 - 7000 AED per month. really depends on the location and where u will be working. There are nice apartments in Mirdif at a very low price but its a bit far from the city proper. JLT area is nice and cheap and its close to everything. I suggest you look into this website to have an idea: . Goodluck!
Hi it really depends on where you what to stay. Recently I saw a 2 bedroom villa in an area called dubailand in The Layan community for 60.000 to 70.000 a year or ther are cheaper villas and apartments in areas like motor city , jumeria triangle community, international city.

You should also think about how far you are willing to drive every day to back because the traffiic can be very bad in the evening.

I hope that helped!
Well appartments in Dubai have a wide range price below in k AED
Marina 90-110
Jumeirah Lake towers 65-80
Jumeirah beach 90-110
Bur dubai 80-95
Deira 60-80
Al Nahda 50-65
an average of 60,000 aed per year. Again depends where u prefer to live
As all others replied here, yes it depend where you want to locate in Dubai.
Rent ranges from 60,000 - 160,000 AED per year
I would prefer you to look into the site . This is because different localities have different price. Also if you salary is a good one, try to stay near the office as this would save lot of precious time of travelling to and fro. The cheapest and farthest being the option of staying in Sharjah. This city in UAE has evolved a lot, in last few years...but is almost a 45m-1hr drive from Dubai city centre during office hours.
If your job is at Jebel Ali/ Media city or Internet city, Mirdiff(41000-45000 p.a) or International city might be a good option. They are quite reasonable but modern community living. Other than that staying within the city will be the localities of Bur Dubai and Deira....the budget has to be stretched uoto 60 to 70k p.a.
3750 aed per month in av a very attractive place.
The price actually depends whether you are living alone or where do you prefer to stay. if you are gonna move here alone, I suggest that you can start with a decent 1 BR that may cost 3000 - 5000 AED per month depending on your desired location.

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