can someone please tell me where I could get similar capoeira pants? like the ones the guys are wearing with the brazilian flags. do you know where I could find them online? I'd like to buy a pair for my boyfriend but I don't live in Brazil so it's virtually impossible to find them in local stores. Just any with the Brazilian flag on them would be fine?


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


Visit this page.: and you'll get your paint
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Well, it is hard to find it on line, maybe but here in Rio you can find these pants easily at Saara (downtown Rio) or Feira do Nordeste, but you have to come here. Sorry, I just could read your posting today after so many days you have posted here!

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I also found some capoeira paints in the little market in Rocinha
Once I saw people seeling these pants in Rocinha!
I assume you have your capoeira pants by now, but for anybody coming to Rio and looking for them, the best place to look is Saara in the city centre. You can get here by taking the Metro to Urugaina, and it is a maze of little narrow streets selling all kinds of clothes and costumes. This is a good place for bargains and you will always be able to find the white capoeira pants with the Brazil flag here, along with costumes for carnival and just bargain fashion

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