Feom old city how do you get to Chiang Mai floating restaurant by car


City: Chiang Mai

Province: Chiang Mai

Country: Thailand


There are several floating restaurants and we visited one and were not impressed.. our tour guide took our clients to a second floating restaurant and clients were not impressed.

Sounds nicer than what it actually is..
if you want specific address and directions then you can contact us again..

we would recommend Walking Street for Sunday late afternoon and early evening which is low cost and many crafts and great selection of low price foods and just behind Thae Pae gate and from there easy to move on to Loi kroh rd or Night Bazaar and get a little bit of exercise in the process.

Best restaurants in terms of value are the all you can eat buffet.. one is next to Chinese Restaurant on Changklan rd and about $2.50 US and others can be higher in pricer and may include shrimps or lobster so price depends on menu selections.

Japanese restaurant in Pantip Plaza is very popular and our favorites are Kalare food court close to McDonalds on Changklan rd for wide selection and low price and free Thai show starting at about 8 pm
shishkebob, baked potato and salad for about $2.50 and kebobs are large and choice of seafood, beef, chicken or pork and eat insiide nice a/c restaurant and it is cooked outside and you wait inside after ordering and it is located on Loikroh rd.. you cannot miss it and cooked after 6 pm daily to about 10 pm
The restaurant is not the same as the Chiang Mai Ruin Pa or "Chiang Mai floating restaurant" located between Chiang Mai and Bosang.

Kalare food court and most restaurants on Chang Klan road are tourist type Thai food restaurants.
The Thai name is Chiang Mai Rui Pa and located between the super highway and Bosang on Sangkampang road behind Baan Celedon ceramics. Turn left in front of Baan Celedon and go down to the first right turn and turb right and go to the end of the street and there it is. Most taxis, tuk tuks and guides know it but most will not take you there as they do not pay a commission.
There is not a real floating restaurant what I know is the riverside restaurant has two boats where you can eat on. Make a booking at riverside, Usually you go to the restaurant around 7pm order your food and drinks on the boat, the boat is still on shore. About 9pm the boat leaves the restaurant and goes up the river for a cruse. It's nice. Have good fun in Chiang Mai!

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