I am interested in archeological sites and want to explore them more.

I have been to Italy five times, most recently in October of 2007. I want to explore the area around the Forum Boarium and the Palatine, Jewish ghetto area and Forum, but, I walk slowly with a cane; I am only 58 but have a disability, so no rushing for me! I really want to explore only certain areas and really get to know them.


City: Roma

Region: Lazio

Country: Italy


Hi there,
You can easily be accomodated if you have a private tour. You might either want to do 2 3 hour tours, to break up the sites you want to see. Our three hour private tours include the following and all cost 150 euro plus costs. But since you would like to see sites that are not on these tours you can easily do two 3 hour custom tours.

1. Ancient City Tour-Palatine, Forum, and the Coliseum Entrance fee is 11 Euro

2. Vatican City Tour-Vatican Museums (inc. Sistine Chapel) and St. Peter's Basilica Entrance of 14 euro(Subject to change). Over 6 people must use audio systems which are an additional 2 euro

3. Illuminated Rome-All the important sites in the city center including Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and the Spanish Steps

4. Wine Tour in Rome-Visit two wine bars and sample 4 glasses of wine and taste different cheeses This is a guided wine tasting. 35 euro a person for costs. This tour is with a certified Sommelier

5. Trastevere and the Jewish Quarter-Visit the some of the oldest sites in Rome from the Middle Ages, underground Rome, and the important contribution of Judaism in Rome.

6. Villa Borghese-Museum and Park, see the best of the Baroque. This is with a professor of art history and depends on guide and reservations.

We also have the Vatican and Ancient City tours available as a group tour for 35 Euro a person (25 Euro for children) with no less than 4 people on the tour.

We also have custom 5 hour tours for 250 Euro for up to 4 people. and you can combine any of the above tours, or request tours of other important museums such as the Borghese.

For those in Rome for one day offer a 7 hour tour that includes highlights of the ancient city the Vatican (SISTINE CHAPEL), and Pantheon and Trevi. This runs for 300 Euro for up to 4 people. Entrance fees and transportation not included.

Our guides all have academic backgrounds in the Europeans Humanities, including Italian studies, Art History, and we even have a certified Sommelier. All of our tours are very academic unless someone does not want that, of course.

Right now I am offering a 2009 special of 15% all private tours booked within the next month, which ends up being about $150.00
I would like to guide you for discovering the Ancient area of Rome. Also, I would like to offer one's arm to you for walk slowly. So, no rushing! And a break when you need!
Best regards
Ciao Claire and thank you for contacting me.
I do appreciate your passion for my native town and I would be pleased to design a customized relaxing, deep and comprehensive private tour for you.
Since you are staying in Rome for five days you can either split the above requested ancient Rome and Jewish Rome itineraries in two half day tours or have a one day tour by private car with professional driver at your disposal for the whole length of the tour so that you will be able to see more of Rome's impressive ancient ruins, than can be seen on foot with stops for in-depth visits.
Claire, I hope I gave you all the information that you need. In the meantime please, feel free to ask me if you have any other questions at all.
Hi, i'm sorry but, if i also know the archeological sites in Rome, i'm not so exhaustive 'cause i'm an umbrian guide.
I only publicizing my Region Umbria. With thousands of years of history,peoples, and civilisation have left an
archaeological patrimony in Umbria that is diffi cult even to quantify. Virtually every city and town, large and
small alike, has traces of the ancient Umbrians, Etruscans, or Romans.
But if you are interested, we have to find us in an other "question"......
I would ask you to be more specific. You know Rome, so you know that the Palatine is a hill but an archaeo area as well. Given your disability if you want to start from the Forum Boarium, climb on the hill-top of the Palatine to enjoy the wonderfull view, descend to walk through the Roman Forum, and then contiune your walk to the former Jewish getto, I think you should allow at a least 6-hour tour plus a quick lunch break. I would be glad to do it with you on june 15 or the following day. My fee is €60.00 per hour. I am specialized in customized tours as you can see on my website . looking forward to be hearing from you. (mail-box: )
Hi There,
Rome with no rush is possible and probably more enjoyable!
According to you needs and interests this is the packege that we would recommend you:
day 1 Palatine and Forum(5 hrs)
day 2 Forum Boarium (3 hrs)
day 3 Jewish Ghetto (3 hrs)
Day 4 City Center Twilight Tour (2 hrs)
The 4-days tour costs 585 E. Regardless your final decision we will be more than glad to give you any other advice or idea so that you can enjoy the city at its best.
Are you interested to know and visit archeological sites of ancient "Magna Grecia" (Great Greek)?
You can find them in the south of Italy, from Naples to Calabria, the southernest region.
I'ld be happy to help you visiting and enjoying this wonderful treasures of the past, with precious museums where you can find a lot of wonderful pieces, like the famous "Bronzi di Riace" (Bronzes by Riace), two greek statues by bronze representing strong warriors of that time.
Roman Forum, Palatine hill, Imperial Fora, some Catacombs, the Colosseum, the Emperor Hadrian's villa in Tivoli, Ostia: the commercial port of the repubblican and emperial Rome, thermal baths of emperor Caracalla - you only have to chose the archaeological site you are more interested in. For a better choice look on my web-site and ... let me know!
Hello There,
i would suggest to visit the Rome Museums including the Diocletian Baths and Crypta Balbi. Easy stroll.
I do believe that you should Travel Italt at Your Pace!
Ciao from Rome

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