hello again..where is the best exchange rates shop to change singapore dollar(SGD) at pratunam area


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


You also can exchage at Central Wold
there's a shop near pratunam pier called 'super rich'
that's where i got my best rate from and it is definately better than bank rate
Most palaces are about the same if you are changing lots of money sure shop but for every day all the exchange banks are very fair
Yes, go to Superrich on Pratunam area, opposite to Central World Plaza. But there are two Superrich, one with Green brand and the other one with Orange brand. I think the green shop has better rate.
I suggest:
1st at the airport
2nd licensed Money Changer
3rd Banks
4th Big bills pay by Credit Card, get better exchange rate at home
At any bank
Almost all exchange shops have similar rates. So don't worry.

Super Rich is the place that close to Pratunam area. This place is on opposite side road of Central world and on the same Soi of Bangkok Bank.
At the airport, banks but their rates go up and down too quickly, legal money changers - a bit dicey. Becareful with credit cards, too many stories of scams and fraud with using them in Bangkok.
Just be aware of where and who has your credit card.

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