how do i get to lidice memorial from old town square


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


Take a bus from the end stops of the metro Dejvicka (line A) or Zlicin (line B). More info + an interactive timeteble (also available in English):

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Petra forgot to say that Lidice are NOT in Prague, but 20kms away :-)))
Hi, if you're not affraid of public transportation, there's a quite efficient and convenient transportation system throughout the Czech Republic. So, to get to Lidice, you can take a bus starting at Zlicin metro station (yellow line, or "B"), or Dejvicka metro station (green line, or "A"). It takes just about 20 mins. to get there for about 1,3 EUR. Not bad, right? And once in Lidice, I'd strongly recommend to go on to Kladno, which is famous for its coal mining - there are mining monuments and museums and you can even go underground. For more info please see my profile. (This may be useful for planning your Prague trip: )
Oh, I just forgot you wanted to start your trip at Old Town Square - then you definitely go by the green line from Staromestska or Mustek stations to the terminal station Dejvicka and then take the bus (see above). But beware - there are many bus stops at Dejvicka so you need to take enough time to find the right one. Plus the bus may be packed fully by commuters when travelling on weekdays (afternoon).

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