how would you go about buying or renting coffee shop in amsterdam?

I am after coming into some money an looking to set up a business an woundering how i would go about buying coffee shop in amsterdam ;eg; laws, getting supplys, how hard is it, expenceses i will await your comments Thank you


Country: Netherlands


Your question is of a commercial nature and this is best answered by the Commerce Dept for such businesses you wish to be in. Google The Kamer van Koophandel - Netherlands and select the aappropriate Office sited on the location you wish to start a business.
The Chamber of Commerce is the place to be as Gun said.

Although I can say this much.

Depending on what type of coffee shop;
The one you go to to drink coffee and such, that shouldn`t be to hard although if you can`t finance the entire project yourself I can image it to be hard to get a loan in the present day state of the economy

As is a coffeeshop where you go to smoke some weed or hasj; Forget it mate, all major city have stopped giving out permits one way or another and are bringing the number of shops down.

Good luck which ever way you go :)
Be aware of the fact our government is (trying to) closing more and more coffeeshops all over the country. Consider that before getting into business
You could also try the professional body for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes (HORECA) . They for certain have a list of Horeca businesses for sale in their quarterly magazine. This is almost the only way to get a permit in Amsterdam - buying an existing business. There are currently opportunities for new permits in the developing Amsterdam Noord area. www.

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