What's the cost of a Netherlands Residence permit for a student?

I'm studying in an exchange program there and can't find the proper info. I'll be there for 6 months... and from one site I saw it says I have to pay around 450 Euros! That's insane... is this really the cost, even for a temporary student?


Country: Netherlands


To be honest, 450 euros for 6 months is quite cheap in Holland. But i'm not sure what the exact costs are, so if you want more info you should contact a Dutch embassy or so nearby, or contact the mayor's office in the city where you are going to study. Don't just use numbers written on the internet, it could be serious trash.
Hi there, Euro 433 is the current cost of a permit for over a 90 day stay. It doesn't seem to matter if you are a student or not but some Universities refund that ammount. Ask your educational facility.
As Localyte Laura rightfully pointed out, I suggest that you are and will be correctly informed when you contact the local Dutch Educational Ministry and said Dept for your status as deemed. You should by the nature of your Exchange Program, acquired the necessary details and information firstly with your Principal from where you are located which will then be linked to that of the counterpart student's side here in Holland. Each Municipality in our country has its own governing tariffs and arrangements and issues similar but on many occasions, besides permits for Exchange students etc, prices differ sharply.
Hi there,
I also had the problem with the residence permit myself since I'm not a Dutch citizen and I think I can be helpful to you.
First of all, I need to know where do you come from. It matters because students from within the European Union are allowed to stay in the Netherlands without any residence permit. Any other student needs to have residence permit otherwise he/she may have some serious problems when they decide to leave the country.
My information about the cost of a residence permit is not very different from what the others have said - 438 euro.
Hope that answers your question,
You can also look for some extra funding here

and here

If anything else most universities in the Netherlands have some kind of support system, housing, work, funding, teaching for money or points.

Have a look around you might also find some interesting info on

Cheers and good luck.
A Russian trainee of mine once, got a fund through her college... maybe your college or university can help you out as well. Good luck!

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