I will be in Spain for a week and I want to have my personal internet connection, what's the best solution?


Country: Spain


There are plenty of places in Spain offering a Wi-Fi hotspot for you to enjoy whilst on holiday, simply bring your laptop or use your mobile phone to connect to the internet as you would at home. If you're not bringing a laptop with you, then look for a local internet cafe so that you can log on and catch up.
Just get a prepaid Internet SIM with one of the three main operators (Movistar, Vodafone, Orange) or find a Mall with free wireless Internet connection around the Country.
Not absolutely sure what you mean but (a) in the main tourist areas there are internet cafes on every street corner, in all towns and cities there are cafes everywhere, (b) you can buy a pre-paid internet SIM and use your (unblocked) mobile and (c) you will find Wifi spots popping up all over - especially in tourist areas and cities.
There arenĀ“t problems with your Internet connection. Many places have WI-FI.
Vodafone site has an English version. Check out

I couldn't find the English version in Movistar nor Orange.
If you're going to stay in a hotel, they'll probably offer internet connection. But if you prefer to have it everywhere you go, get a connection with Movistar, Vodafone or Orange that you can prepay and stop using whenever you want.

Hope this will help and enjoy your stay in our country!!

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