Thinking about moving to Ireland.?

What are the entry requirements for a US citizen. Also, is there a a good place to look for jobs?


Country: Ireland


Hi there... the best would be for you to look at this site. It will give you all the information you need about living and working in Ireland. Regarding the job front, we are in the middle of a recession but it seems to be improving a bit so do a job search on the irish sites and that will give you a bit of an idea what there is available. Depending of course on your qualifications.

Good luck and a pre welcome to this lovely green jewel.

Hi for living in Ireland you will require a working Visa unless you can claim citizenship through your ansestors, or have a professional skill that can get you a Stamp 4 on your Passport which comes through your Employer, unfortunately we are in the middle of a Recession and the Government has become really strict with issuing new Visas they would rather we employ someone from the live register and will not issue a visa unless proven we have tried to employ someone from within first hence the only Visas being issued are for skilled workers that are needed in various sectors ie Nurses
since they answered the first part: finding a Job on is pretty good and well used here, also as coming from a American family. Americans are welcomed here with many of our major employers being American internationals they do employ Americans many in relations and HR to smooth the bridge to their home HQ's so dont be put off, your in a good chance of finding work and as an American whos grannfather retired from the department of foreign affairs Americans have very good chances of getting work visa on account of American Irish relations being the strongest and longest we have outside of Europe

Also getting regular not so career or skills related work is easier for Americans too as english is our first language

Best of luck, one area with lots of American interest is Shannon Free Zone and airport town limerick is a cheap City to rent in and Accommodations top class. just an idea, Dublin is full of work and a major city, Cork and Galway are Growing too and are also very Irish cities at heart, Cead mile Failté (a 100,000 welcomes)

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