My arrival time to Noi Bai Airport is 12:30 so passed midnight. Is there available transpo to center of Hanoi?


City: Hanoi

Municipality: Ha Noi

Country: Vietnam


hello, if you dont mind the expense, i would recommend to take a taxi for many conveniences. otherwise, other kinds of public transport are always there with cheaper fare, such as bus.
warmly welcome you to Vietnam. In the Noi Bai airport, there are always a lot of taxi there anytime. I may recommend you to take a taxi. But remember to take the Airport taxi, Mai linh taxi, Hanoi taxi, Noi Bai taxi only. Those brands are trustworthy. otherwise you may take a fake taxi and they will charge u higher price than usual. Or you may take a bus. It's cheaper.
Hi, sure, you may call airport taxi.. Or call me for motorcycle taxi. Have a good trip to VN.
Warmest welcome to Hanoi. Normally you can take a bus or transfer car of Vietnam airline with cheap price. But your arrive time is 12:30 passed midnight so i would recommend you to take a taxi. It's a little expensive but safe way for you. Please chose the trustworthy taxi company such as Airport Taxi, Noi Bai taxi, Mai Linh Taxi or Taxi group. The fair from Noi Bai airport to Hanoi down town is 315,000 VND ( ~ 15 USD ).
Wish you have a good trip in Vietnam.
There are no airport buses at midnight. The best and safest way is to take an airport taxi which cost around 8-10 USD.

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