How safe is the area of El Poblado? Can I trust all the hotels in this area?


City: Medellin

Department: Antioquia

Country: Colombia


Yes. Is really safe!
Wich hotel you will be?
Get the taxi at the hotel ( front desk) or at the mall or safe places.
El Poblado is perhaps the safest area in the city, also the most expensive.

Another area you may consider for your stay is Laureles, very nice neighborhood, wide streets, lots of trees and less expensive.
Yes you can trust Poblado hotels and area
Yes, there are very nice hotels and it is safe as well. This is the best location in MedellĂ­n.
Probably safest and most gringo crowded area in Medellin.
Is one of the best areas in Medellin, You can look at this page to find more to do in Medellin
El Poblado is the best area of Medellin. You can trust any hotel there.
Hey buddy, don't worry about any hostel at Medellin, specially at El Poblado, which are safety and are located at the best area in Medellin. About the city, well, let me tell that nowdays is safety, clean and it's people are so friendly.

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