where is senior meridas pottery


City: Cusco

Department: Cusco

Country: Peru


Neridas pottery up in San Blas
what was Merida´s pottery atelier is in San Blas, though he died years ago and his heirs continue the tradition of pottery making, though never achieving his quality, aesthetics or craftmanship

if you want a senior Merida pottery (the real thing) I could contact a collector for you, write to me at email
Edilberto Merida Rodriguez died in 2009. His "atelier" is situated in San Blas, in cusco. His daugther Maria Antonieta continued with the tradition of pottery. Her mail is email
It is im San Blas. Very near to the main Plaza of San Blas. there is always a free exposition in the same place where you can buy his art production
It is located three blocks up from the Main Square or Plaza de Armas. The place where you can find this Pottery Store is located in Plaza San Blas, where on Sundays there are fears of pottery and traditional customs because this town San Blas is very well known for the artists in pottery and painting. If you want to be in touch about the history of this place and the surrounding areas of Cusco, be in contact with me. Américo Candia. email Hope to be in tocuh with you.
Located in San Blas square

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