Please recommend the Tango Show you would take a visitor to see.


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


Rojo tango, it is in a hotel called Faena Universe, it's one of the most exclusive hotels in Argentina, lots of famous people such as Kylie Minogue went to see that show and stated the loved, the hotel is also Argentina themed, it's a bit pricey but worthy
You have several good options here, not too expensive stage-only show.

However, if you'd like to take the first steps (which I seriously recommend) the best place is La Viruta... cheap entrance fee, great teachers, excellent atmosphere.

Depend of the type of show you are looking for. Rojo Tango es a modern version,,,,The you have something more classic like TANGO PORTEÑO ( very good price if you choose to see only show without dinner ) or EL VIEJO ALMACEN ( very little place but very good show ) :
In Buenos Aires there are a lot of options to see a good Tango Show. From free charges, with a few tips, like Caminito area or Dorrego Park, till u$s 250/300 in "Señor Tango" or "Madero Tango" to get the VIP Dinner, by the stage. All depends on "what do you want to see", if you like the real tango for the local people, you must go to another place, far from the turist... if you like the "Brodway style" so, you have to pay. But the real Tango isn't there. The real Tango live in the "Milongas" (Tango Dance place), where always you can find a little show and the best dancers! Welcome to BA
There are a few, well known Tango Shows for foreigners around the City. The one at the Faena Hotel, Sr. Tango and Che Tango. If you want a more traditional you should go to local Millongas around San Telmo area.

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