We will soon visit Ocho Rios. Planned to have a meal at Ruins at the falls but noticed it has been closed by the Health Departement.

It seems to be reopened but is it still as good or can you please advise us where to go for a nice dinner with good food in nice surroundings? Our youngest child is 8 years old.


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


Toscanini (5min outside Ocho Rios) is really the best. Its my favorite Restaurant. My Wife and I, we take friends and family there and it never disappointed. Prices are fair. It is nestled on the ground floor of an old Georgian style Greathouse. The Chef and Manager are actually brother and sister and they both are very entertaining as well. The buy their produce locally and have a fantastic Menu and excellent wines to pair with your food. Its Jamaican cuisine with an Italian twist.
If you are looking for transportation i can pick you guys up as i also operate a Taxi and Tour-service around Ocho Rios. Just email me @ and i will respond with my tel. number. IRIE
Hello Traveller,

Thank you for opting to visit our beautiful country!
I have a few recommendations for Ocho Rios they are as follows:
Evita's Italian Restaurant - This is in an old great house setting. From there, you see a beautiful view of Ocho Rios, on the coast line. The environment and ambience os very good and it is usually not too crowded- depending on the day of visit.
I also agree with Donald that Toscanini is a good option.
You may also like Spring Garden Cafe -
Ok guys, I know just the right spot for you and your family. Doctor's Cave has a bar, a restaurant and a beach so I know you and your family will totally enjoy.

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