Best transfer; Logan International airport to Marriott Rennaisance 606 Congress Street


City: Boston

State: Massachusetts

Country: United States


Honestly, I would break down & take a cab, ITOA (Independent Taxi Owners Association) is the best local company & they have cab stands all over Logan. It is a relatively short distance between the two points. If you are young, strong & really insist upon taking public transportation, check out (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) and see their connections. I know you have to make at least two transfers, from the shuttle bus to the train, then to a different train. After a plane ride, this adds to my weariness & I confess that I rarely do it. :-) I hope your trip is a good one, any other questions, feel free to leave them here.
I worked right near there for a few years, best (most convenient) options:

1) Take a cab.
2) Take the MBTA Silver Line.

Here's a map from Google showing the Silver Line option to give you an idea of the distances involved:

And here's a link to the MBTA web site for information on the Silver Line:

The MBTA option is certainly cheaper, but it'll require a short walk (couple minutes, probably) from the station to your hotel - how much luggage you have, what time of day you're arriving, and whether or not the weather is inclement might all factor in against the Silver Line option.

You might want to call the hotel directly too, and ask if they run a shuttle service - some hotels around town do, or there might be a private service that you can use for a reasonable amount that makes the rounds of multiple hotels.
I am not sure I understand your question. It is a cab ride of a few minutes to that hotel from Logan. In other cities I understand airports can be many miles from the city. Am I missing something here?

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