is there any cycling expedition in nairobi ? ? ?

is there any cycling expedition in nairobi on sundays . have heard about cycling club of nairobi and eyes on nature safaris having such events and have contacted them on their e mail address but have failed to get reply back from them inspite of reminders sent several times. is this cycling sport dead in nairobi . i would like to activate this sport and need feed back from experts in this sport.


Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


yes of course, if you want one of the best places to practise and enjoy to the best then Nairobi city is one of the best places in africa that you can enjoy the service of cycling expedition. there are several places such as in Karen, around muthaiga amongst other many places whereby if you visit then you shall obviously be satisfied. the service is chargeable depending on the company that is involved in the promotion of the specific service therefore it also depends with you as the participant to ensure that you are wll prepared and trained as well so as to be able to compete with others much effectively. i can advise you to visit any of the tour travel companys which you can obviously be directed to where you are interested to going to . there are several tour companies in kenya which are always competing effectively. you are welcome at any time and can therefore send an email for further details. thanks alot and welcome to our beloved country kenya.!

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