Tucson has a great zoo. Does Phoenix have one, as well?


City: Phoenix

State: Arizona

Country: United States


Phoenix actually has two zoos. The first and largest and classiest is the Phoenix Zoo located in the southeastern part of the city. The second, smaller but more intimate is the Wildlife World Zoo located in the far west part of the city. Each has its merits. The Phoenix Zoo is more of what you would expect from a world class zoo. The WWZ also has an adjacent Aquarium for a broader zoo experience but is not as "polished" in appearance, though it offers many things the Phoenix Zoo does not.
If you were to choose one to visit, go to the Phoenix Zoo. If you have more time and love to experience animals in their surroundings, try both.
AND if you have even more time, go visit Out Of Africa north of Phoenix past Prescott in Camp Verde for a truly unique animal experience!

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