is there a greek food market place in cairo? I'd like to cook greek dishes and I can't find the ingredients. Thank you.


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


i do not know
oh! did you try to visit ( Metro markets ... or carrefour ) i will look for and leave you another answer soon. good luck :)
I'm not sure where you can get all your ingredients from, but Carrefour has an international section, so you might get lucky. Most of the food stuff is readily available, but I know you would like to specialise, so try there.
Well, one of these two things would work for you for sure, either to go to Makro market on the where you would almost find all what you are seeking and here is the site to make it easier for you to search from home: website OR then check in el korba area in heliopolis as there are so many people from Greek and Armenia, so you would find all what you need as well.
Hi there. please call me for details
002 0100 15 65 408
there is no special market for the greek food , but you can find it in the interational section of Carrefour

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