About how much does a meal cost


City: Barcelona

Autonomous community: Catalonia

Country: Spain


Just double checking, because that's an unsual request...
Are you asking about prices at restaurant Jiu, in Barcelona? Why precisely this Chinese restaurant? Never thought there was anything special about it...
Prices are average, 20-30€/person depending on what you order. Like in most restaurants in town.

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Agree with Marta who answered first. Although Chinese food can be excellent everywhere, Barcelona is a place for savory foods of a different sort to try.

Like all cities any price is possible in Barcelona depending on the restaurant and what you eat. If you want to dine on a budget, there are Tapas bars with little plates of food that are reasonable as well as sandwich shops (menu in Catalan but easy to interpret) and bakeries as well as food markets.

For more upscale and recommendations, here is a link for you from the NY Times which should give a good idea of options.

Remember that for evening meals the restaurants do not even open until 9:00 PM so if you are traveling with children you may want to consider the sandwich shops and bakeries for them as well as bigger meals during the mid-day.

With the Euro being low at the moment, it’s not as expensive for those with dollars to enjoy a fine meal as it was the last few years.


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