Which ski resort from Alta, PCMR, DV (or other) as of 1/4/11 has the best snow or ski conditions for intermediate skiers? THANKS


City: Salt Lake City

State: Utah

Country: United States


Everything kind of sucks right now (we just had the driest December on record), but your best bet is going to be to stick with the resorts that have the best snowmaking capability (i.e., they have a lot of snow guns and they own a lot of water rights). Deer Valley is probably the best, but it will only work for you if no one in your group snowboards. Park City is good too. Snowbird and Alta are both amazing resorts, but they have significantly less snowmaking capability and the ground underneath is rockier so you are more likely to gut the bottom of your skies on something just below the surface. Plus, if you stay over by Deer Valley and Park City there is more to do after you are done skiing.
Hope that help. Have a great trip.

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