what are night activities in HCMC?


City: Ho Chi Minh City

Municipality: Ho Chi Minh

Country: Vietnam


Saigon is the busiest city in Vietnam. There are so many activities that you can join once you're here! Check out this website for full list of event in Saigon.

there's a lot of nightlife in HCMC, there is 17 saloon in pham ngu lao street, you may also try bui vien st. if you are looking for bars or just a small talk over a bottle of beer with friends at the same time you may also try the different foods from italian to vietnamese foods.
There are many places to play and have fun for all members of the family but if you are traveling alone and wish to begin just drop over to the a tenured tourist place been around for decades and is now a popular place for foreigners which in turn has many places to make you jump start and that place is known as "pham ngu lau street which is centrally located near downtown center and the famous New World hotel. Just hope a taxi from the airport and even they will find you a place to stay in that area and all you need is there . The people there will assist you in the places to go see or visit during your visit to HCMC. Of course, be careful in your traveling, there are always people who wish to seperate you from your money so move wisely and all should be fine as Vietnam is one of the safest places to visit in the world but an occassional mishap does appear and usually caused by one doing something they should not have done. Respect and Caution will reap a happy holiday in HCMC, enjoy.
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There are a lot activities in Saigon at night. It's depends on how ages you are and what do you like to do. Here are some places you can visit at night:
- Parks:
+ 23/9 near Ben Thanh market
+ Square park near Nha tho Duc Ba, district 1.
- Coffee Shop: there are so many coffee shop in SG, you can find it easily on the street
- Theatre:
+ Diamond Plaza (Floor 13, Diamond Plaza building, DIstrict 1)
+ Galaxy Nguyen Du (Nguyen Du street)
- Discotheque: in district 1
- Restaurant, bar...
Hope you can enjoy the Saigon by night.
there are a lot of activities night in HCM city sush as you can walk around on Nguyen Hue Street enjoying the beautiful of flower street. Moreover, HCM city has a lot of small restaurant in street. you might want to enjoy it. it is really greatly.
You can enjoy a bar as Lush Bar - 1 Ly Tu Trong dist 1. Q bar, basement of Opera House opposite Caravelle Hotel. Or Appocalypse Bar. 4 Thi Sach, dist 1
Enjoy Your time in Saigon.
Bui Vien and De Tham area is the most crowded place which a foreigner could enjoy a night life. The main activities is just have some food (many kinds of food from all over the world), or have a drink, or buy some souvenirs. There are some bar there also.
If you wanna shopping, the department stores often close at 10pm, so you should go there early. There are Diamond Plaza, Tax center, Saigon Center, Hung Vuong Plaza... There are some international brands like Burberry, LV or Gucci, if you want. The taxi drivers would know the places, don't worry. And they're not far from each other (except Hung Vuong plaza is far, but you could catch a good movie cuz Megastar cinema is very great and they open till midnight).
And this is my recommend: You could go to Vasco's bar, it's a small nice bar with great decoration. The drinks are not very expensive. Especially on Friday nights there is awesome live music (genre: house music) that begins from 10pm. Vasco's bar is at 74/7d Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1. I love it the most :).
There are many night activities in Hochiminh. Karaoke, dancing, theatre, movies, coffee shop,...
Dear Vivian,

Oops, there are a lots of night activities in Ho Chi Minh City, especially on Pham Ngu Lao Street, D.1. Nice bars, night market at Ben Thanh Market nearby, Apocalypse Now, etc...

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it's acoding to what you are expecting.
taxi take 30' from the airport to ben thanh maket. they sale many things at night: foods, stuff,sovenir... there are a lot of club open still 3 am. easy to find a cheap hotel from 15-35 usd at pham ngu lao street. that place also called western town at ho chi minh city.beside that you can take a tour around sai gon river for romanticdiner on cruise about 10usdpax. hope to see you in vietnam
I would recommend "getting out among the locals" & staying away from the tourist haunts in & around District 1.Street eating is a favorite evening activity in HCMC. You can see restaurant diners spilling out onto the pavements in most places away from the overly-strictly policed downtown.A favorite of mine is the "360 Goat Hot Pot" restaurant on Dien Bien Phu street, District 3. It's a great place to linger over a long meal in the same way as the locals. Caution though, it is NOT cozy & intimate. Rather it is raucous & rowdy local street dining very rarely visited by foreigners.
If you like to discover HCM and Vietnam culture also, please try my ideas:

1. F&B:
- Vietnamese Coffee: Trung Nguyen Coffee on Le Loi street - district 1.
- Pho (Noodle): Pho 24 - Nguyen Hue street - district 1 near by Le Loi street.
- Vienamese bread: Nhu Lan bakery - 50 Ham Nghi street - distric 1

2. Enjoy lifestyle:
- At Ben Nghe Pier, take a boat trip 01 round Distric 1 - Binh Quoi Thanh Da.
- Ben Thanh Night market
- Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien: most of people there are foreigners

3. Shopping:
- Diamond plaza (Le Duan street dist 1), Parkson plaza (Le Thanh Ton street, dist 1), Lotte Mart (Distric 7) : buy brand product.
- Saigon Squard (Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street): buy fashion export product (please bargain ;))
- Ben Thanh market: export and import product (please bargain), but you can buy some traditional product on the daily time.

4.Pub&Club: for foreigner
- Lush bar - Ly Tu Trong street, district 1 (Hip hop and pop bar)
- Bounce Bar - Floor 5 Parkson plaza, Le Thanh Ton street, dist 1 (hip hop, pop, dancing)
- 17 bar - Pham Ngu Lao, dist 1 (rock ballad, Philipine band).

Enjoy your tour !
HCMC is the biggest and most exciting city in Vietnam, so many night activities for you like going to bar, discotheques, karaoke, eating and drinking on the side of the streets....
come to Vietnam, you will be mix with the animated night activities in here. walking around on Le Duan st. and stop at Notre Dame Cathedral, u can view of the sightseeing in city, or enjoying a lot of Vietnamese foods at Ben Thanh market.specially, the pork's brain soup in there is delicious food. and u can also go shopping along Le Loi st.

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