is it safe to travel to Cairo now given the unrest?


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


frankly the Islamic places in Cairo and pyramides are safe and you can visit it any time
all that hustle is only happening in Tahrir, outside that Area everything is going just normal,
so it's safe for anyone just as any normal time of the year.
it's kinda safe,just make sure u r far from Tahrir square and don't walk alone at night in any place,then u will be safe.we r in winter time so u supposed to wear non-sexy clothes,the rest of the country is normal and safe.
FOR SURE IT IS SAVE ..... SPECIALLY THE UNREST SITUATED IN ONE PLACE ,,,, away from that it is OK .... and the proof that is i have so much work at the end of this month and in jan. you are welcome any time
ahmed saeed
the disturbance ppl r trying to show on the media is in an area around 20 k squared meters in a country which is around 1 milion s`uared km, it is normaly safe to visit and tour.
i do not know what does it mean the word unrest in the traveling thing so i m not sure to answer it.

hope to be helpful for u in case u might need any help here
my email is email
wish u a pleasnt trip
yes it s safe
Yes it is safe to come to Cairo, the unrest as you put it, is centred in a very small area of the city, life goes on as normal. So please don't be put off by what you see and hear in the media, like all news, they only show the negative side.
Hi Nancy ,i just saw your message , and yes it is safe as long as you stay away from the demonstrations,and don't worry we will all take care of you here , wish you enjoy your visit to Egypt
it sure safe 100% if you have professional guide
ya absolutely, it's more than very safe to visit any of Cairo's tourist attractions. It's on my own responsibility. just stay away from the scenes in TAHRIR and every thing is gonna be all right.

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