Is there any fishing activity for kids at the Batu Muang Fishing Village? How long will it take from the Shangri-La Golden Sands resort?


City: Penang

State: Pinang

Country: Malaysia


Batu Maung is located just south of the Penang International Airport. Batu Maung is home to the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI), a federal-government agency that focused on marine research. There is also a medium-size aquarium within its vicinity which is open to public at a minimal cost.

Golden Sands hotel located in batu ferringhi, is from opposite direction of the airport. With smooth and no tracffic.... it will get around 30mins max 40mins.
I think there is a possibility that children could get fishing facilities at TELOK TEMPOYAK, also a fishing village close to the WAR MUSUEM. Maybe, this could be arranged at either the BATU MAUNG FISHING VILLAGE or TELOK TEMPOYAK itself. You could try when you are there, actually!
NO fishing! period! eating, however, is the only activity you'll find. forget abt this, as u'll be sorely disappointed. Even tho it's called a fishing village, it's a "fishing village" nonetheless. them fishes r from the DEEP sea, matey!

the only fishing is offshore, where u'll rent a boat, head out to sea. ya need lots n lotsa patience in these not so blue waters, if they ain't bitin', they're already in them nets cast by them less-than-friendly "fisher"men of them "fishing village".

if ya really really goin' ta boat or them "fishin' village", then all y'all be buyin' will be Clove Ciggies them "fisher"men brung back from yonder seas.

be forewarned!!!

From Golden Sands, use the north road, then head east towards batu maung. ONE hour's ride.

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