Are there hotes at the wildlife sanctuary


City: Sapele

Undetermined: [None]

Country: Nigeria


In Okonni wildlife sanctuary,you can get very good and decent hotels within its vicinity.not so sure if it has hotels in it,but you can get very good hotel atleast 2minutes walkable distance.
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Firstly,the okonni wildlife sanctuary is located in benin and not sapele.and yes,there are accomodation facilities within it just like any other wildlife park but not what you can call a standard hotel.
Yes, there are! Hotels are situated in Sapele. Close enough to the wildlife santuary to suit your circumstance
yes there is a particular hotel call by thatv name at sapele u call the agent in charge on this line 08036675368 or if u need of solarpanel instalation and repair ualso solar street light and also buying of gold and it dust call 08036675369

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