Going to Malta for the first time and was wondering if it is a good place for surfing?


Country: Malta


If the winds are good yeah :)
yes definitly
Malta does not usually get good surfing waves except perhaps in the winter. Kite surfing is very popular here as there is often a strong wind in the winter. Summers are more of a flat calm or light breeze affair; great for sipping a cold beer and chilling out... but not for surfing!
What time of year will you be visiting ?
As already mentioned by Phil, Malta (and this part of the Mediterranean) does not really get good surfing waves. On the other hand wind prevails in Malta almost all year round hence why wind surfing and kite surfing have become so popular.
Just stumbled on this question and had to scratch my head at the first couple of answers. Based on you coming from California I would say no to riding in on the tide and you wont get the 100ft swells we had over in Donegal last month (you will be warmer though)
There aren't reefs in Malta - well there are, but not on the sandy beaches, so the only places you get reef breaks lead directly onto jagged rocky shores, so no, not really. People do ty and surf the waves produced by storm swells usually in january, february and march at bays like Ghajn tuffieha in the North, but that's very different from year-round naturally occuring breaks. I saw 3 people surfing at Ghajn Tuffieha about 3 weeks ago, and actually got some pictures of them if you want to have a look.

I would have posted them here, but i can't ...
actually, I'll post a couple of pics in my profile :)

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