Looking to tour cacao plantation and see the process for cacao butter

We only have one day - Sunday Oct 18th.. would love to see the forest of the northwest and visit a cacao plantation.


City: Quito

Province: Pichincha

Country: Ecuador


Ilive in Guayaquil here we cant go to se a plantation and some factury of cacao this tour cost us$ 300. if you accept please and tell me whit 5 days beford. mi cel number is 090241685 or 042386843
Abdala Murtinho
I am not sure that the best place to visit a cacao plantation is north west, but I know the cacao plantations in the southwest of Ecuador and are very beautiful. Sometimes the plantations are surrounded by rainforests in an effort to preserve the natural cycles of the soil. Regarding the forests northwest of Ecuador, probably the best one is the Maquipucuna Reserve, a real treasure of nature. If you decide to come to the south part of the country, you can visit the Buenaventura Reserve, one of the best bird spots in the World. You can watch a live video camera at Buenaventura in . I will ask a good friend of mine which is the leader of the cacao growers about the best place to see the process for cacao butter.
The only cocoa plantation you will see are around the golf of the Guayas river on the coastal areas or in the jungle of Ecuador. You need hot and humid weather for it!
it is actually not that hard to see a cacao plantation, you can even get a quick tour and a class on how to work with cacao to make many different thinks such as jewelery and chocolate in many kinds so if you are interested write to my mail...
Thank you!!!
Hi, I suggest you to visit Centro Cultural Simón Bolívar (museum of antrophology and contemporary art), there you can visit an exhibition about Cacao named "Theobroma Festival", with some people who has contacts in the area where you can find the finest cacao of the world named CACAO ARRIBA (or Cocoa Arriba, in Engilsh), I think if you ask that people about a contact they can provide you the best information. You can find the best cacao of the world in Provincia de Los Ríos, going to north, from Guayaquil.
Try to find out about Cocoa Arriba, the finest of the world.
Hi there...there are a lot of Cacao farms in the northwest of the Napo river, in the Ecuador Amazonia. This started as a project of the rainforest alliance organozation, and now is supported by other organizations and the kichwas communities of the areas. I am very sorry to read your question with a few time in advance, since I could help you to organize such a trip like this, but I would need more time in advance. Please, check our web page for more information about the way of living in the area Regards....
Sorry to answer today, but I was on tour this last weekend; I would suggest for the next time to come to Guayaquil and depart from here to the Cacao plantations around this aerea, a tour would cost, depending on number of passengers around 150, including lunch and a professional tour guide that can tell you about the process of getting chocolate...
Hi, unfortunately I have just seen your message. There are a lot of cocoa plantations and half finished products from cocoa industries that you would be very interested to see. If you have the opportunity any other I can trip you to the best cocoa farms, cocoa farmers associations, exorters and even factories. If you have any commercial interest with cocoa commerce I will put you in touch with the best.


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