which city has the best nightlife for a university student? Barcelona or Madrid?

im planning on applying for an interior design course, and i NEED a city with a grand nightlife cuz im not that much of a social butterfly and i need to loosen up a bit and be more open. P.S i might have to get a job in modeling and i only speak english and spanish but not catalan so it has to be a place with great modeling opportunities. THAAANKSS


Country: Spain


If you intend going to any state educational institution then not speaking Catalan would be a serious impediment in Barcelona, (all instructon is in Catalan) and Madrid offers a much greater social opportunity if you anticipate mixing with the 'locals'. There are 250,000 students approx registered each year in Madrid and 150,000 approx. in Barcelona. Both have incredible nightlife possibilities and Bcn has a beach. Unless you are Claudia Schiffer then forget any model pretensions. Everyone in Spain is a potential model or actor.
As Mark has said, if you don't speak Catalan, you may struggle in Barcelona. We travel to both cities often, and both have fabulous nightlife. Barcelona is a little more sophisticated, but Madrid is full on and fabulous!
Well, catalan could only be a problem if you attend to go to public university, but of course Barcelona has many places were studys are mostly in spanish or in english because the students are comming from other places than Barcelona, so our language will not be at all a problem for you. Barcelona is a very big city so you don't need to speak catalan. Madrid is famous for its nightlife, but we have the harbour and the beaches that give a special touch to the city, there is plenty of foreign students so you'll enjoy very much your time here. Wheather in Barcelona is not as cold as in Madrid in winter time.
Can't think you will go wrong at either. Both cities have everything ...and more. However if you are as you say you might also want to consider one of the smaller cities. Málaga, Salamanca, Valencia etc

Modelling - the Costa del Sol probably has more opportunities than anywhere outside the big two cities.
Haha! Funniest post since I've been on this useless site! And I say useless cos everyone hoots for their own city. Mark has it right. I have lived ten years in both cities. BCN has it's head up its bum since the 92 olympics. Its definately no longer the sophisticade place it was. Catalonian is a requirement to study there (that will be loadsa use when you get out into the real world). The beach is very naf. Very very. Madrid and its people are far more open and friendly. Its public transport system is excellent (not like in BCN where it closes really early mon-fri and has turn-styles for the left-handed majority hahaha!). BCN is great at marketing itself but is becoming a dump. I miss what it used to be. But save yourself the hassel and go to Valencia! Its great! I have been there for nine years and love it. Beaches are ok but you have access to better ones in under an hour. Nightlife ia 110% and people are great too. Modelling? No way dear. Not here. And less in Valencia. The babes here are fit, fit, fit.
I agree with Begoña, having studied in Barcelona myself I know that:
1. There are lots of private institutions where classes are NOT hold in Catalan (specially for design!)
2. Most of the time, when there are foreign students the class agrees to use Spanish instead of Catalan.
3. The local government and many universities offer free Catalan classes for foreigners.

A few sites that might interest you on city nightlife and Erasmus:

In Barcelona classes are NOT all in Catalan. Best nightlife >> Madrid
Madrid is the city where you can find nighlife every week day. I recommend Madrid if you are looking for this. Also is in the middle of the country, so you have great connections to visit the rest very easyly.
Maybe both cities have the same great city night life, but if you're thinking about studying a course you may know that the lessons will be given in catalan for sure. They will also ask you to speak catalan for getting any job.
I'm from Madrid, and it is a great big city you'll love and enjoy.
Hope this will help you and enjoy your stay in our country!

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