what does it mean when they say "offer is not binding"?

im moving to the nertherlands in a month and half, i've been lookin online for rental properties.....what do they mean when they put "inclusive" or exclusive next to the rental price? will they budge on rental price like go down? im soo confussed on how it works in the rental market in europe..... any advise/tips would be great...thanks


Country: Netherlands


hello, i am Mees.

When they say inclusive then that means including the costs of gas, electricity and water. Sometimes they can also means the costs of service's like cleaning the elevator etc.
inclusive means inclusive servicecosts. u always look at the inclusive here in holland
rentalmarket is different in any european country, offer is not binding means that there are no strings attached, you are not hooked (they neither).

you can go to the the organized rentalcompany's but if u dont mind taking more risk u can look on internet itself for individuals who will rent their appartment for 6 months....ask help from a dutch in your cirkel of friends,
i can give u the site of an amsterdam church who has english services and ex-pats from all over, they can help u probably even more
Hi there,
indeed as my colleagues here have already said "Inclusive" means that the costs for gas, electricity, water and other services are calculated in the price. I, as a person which has rented a house in the Netherlands, would advise you to rent a house which goes with the Inclusive offer. Why do I advise that? Because if you are new to the city, the culture, the regulations, etc. than it will be quite difficult for you in the beginning to handle all your bills. I mean going to the gas company office, electricity company, etc. could be firstly difficult to find and secondly quite bureaucratic.
My second advice for you is to rent a house through a housing agency. Not only that you are sure that the rental advertisement is not a scam but also the payment for your rent goes much easier through the company. Furthermore, if there's eventually any need to have something fixed in the house than a housing agency would react much faster to your inquiry than a landlord. However, if you decide to go for a landlord over a housing agency than pls be careful with what you choose. It is best if someone recommends you the landlord or the place.
Hope I was helpful to you! Where exactly are you going to move to in the Netherlands? May be I will know something more how to help you if I knew the destination.
Hi. although your query is related to your visit to our country but may eventually appear on a professional basis, meaning work related and hence, unrelated to Localytes who are here, willing and able to assist on more tourism-associated environment. Other queries not ending with a tourist stay or conditioned for a "very" short stay is not what Localytes are accredited to handle... there are correct departments to handle your relocation arrangements which again, is governed wholly and differently from what we are suitable and willing to cater for.... visitors as tourists to Holland.
Please be advised, search immediately or look up on Housing and Realty institutions who are better qualified to assist your housing needs that are also alligned to judicial involvement so you, as a tenant and your RE Agent or Landlord, are correctly protected within Dutch Law.
Hi, inclusive or exclusive means if the rental is including or excluding water, gas and electricity.

If you want to know more info about housing in the NL, my old colleague has now his own housing company. You can email him at

Just ask him how it works here in the NL. Or when you have more questions, you can email me at Good luck!
Hello and let me be the first to welcome you, ahead of schedule, to the Netherlands :)

To stand by some of my fellow Localytes; the information your looking for is best given by a specialist, there are a number off agency's and authorities better suited to answer your questions then we are. So I advise contacting one of these. Site which might prove to be useful are;

To answer your questions;
'Offer is not binding' refers to legislation and usually people are trying to tell you that whatever they are saying in their advert can be flawed and they don`t want to be bound legally for that, for instance they meant to say its 650,- euros but accidentally put down 6,50.

Inclusive is to tell you that in the total price for the object in question includes (usually) gas, water and electricity. Sometimes this is extended to cable costs, servicing, Internet and so on, but this has to be defined within the contract. Like everything else off course. Exclusive obviously being the opposite explains itself.

Hope I have been of any help and good luck with your search :)
not really anything I can add. Good luck on house / apartment hunting!

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