Is this an old church? I am looking for a St Stephen's church where a friend's parents were married in 1914! Can anyone help? Juliet...



City: Nairobi

Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


Yes it's the old xhurch
Yes, this is an old Church in Nairobi along Jogoo Road. The church has records for all those who have since wedded in it. Get in touch with the church for verification of your friends wedding.
The church is located along jogoo road and they are bound to have the records of the marriage.
Yes,this church is located along Jogoo rd in Nairobi. I didnt know that it was that old,though!
This is a very old church located along Jogoo Rd on the Eastlands side of town. They will most probably have all the info you need.
st,stephens church is one of the oldest churches we have in was started in the early missionary years so it just may be the one you are looking is located along jogoo road in nairobi's eastlands area and they can give you info on the wedding if it happened there
Yes this is an old Church its located along Jogoo Road in nairobi.
I believe there are records of all weddings officiated there kindly get in touch with the officials on the following address;
St Stephens Deanery
St Stephens Parish, Jogoo Road, PO Box 17056, Nairobi (Tel. 557409, Hse. 555619)
St Philips Parish, Jericho, PO Box 17174, Nairobi. (Tel. 787078)
St Mary Magdalene Parish, Maringo, PO Box 78830, Nairobi. (Tel. 763718)
Yes. Its a very old church from 1900
Hi - I believe St. Stephens church in Nairobi could well be that old.
Oscar Mann
the church is located along jogoo road near shell petrol station.if you are using public transport alight at maziwa stage opposite rikana will the churc along the road
The history of the Anglican church of Kenya dates back to 1844 when the first missionary from the Church Missionary (CMS), Dr. Johann Ludwing Krapf arrived in Mombasa.

He was joined two years later by Rev. Johann Rebman. The two CMS intended to link a CMS station that was established at Rabai in the coastal region at the same time. The missionaries had to study and learn African languages in order to communicate and spread Christianity. This resulted to Krapf's translation of the book of Genesis chapter 1-3 in Kiswahili in 1847.

In the same year, Krapf visited Ukambani in an evangelistic exploration while Rebman visited Taita.

In 1848, Krapf translated St.Luke’s gospel into Nyika (Rabai) and in 1850, St. Mark’s gospel into Kamba (some local languages). Three years later, Mringe a dying cripple became the first Anglican convert to be baptized. Later a colony was set up by CMS at free town for freed slaves. This became the venue for the baptism of the first Giriama converts.
The diocese of Eastern Equatorial Africa was formed in 1884 and it included Uganda, Kenya and Tanganyika with James Hannington as the first Bishop. One year after, ex-slaves Ishmael Semler and William Jones became the first Africans to be ordained to the Anglican Ministry. In October the same year, Bishop Hannington was brutally murdered on his way to Uganda.

Divinity training for evangelists started in 1889 at CMS, Freetown. Nine years later, the diocese of Mombasa was formed comprising the vast Kenya's geographical coverage and Northern Tanganyika. The first CMS missionary A.W McGregor arrived in Kabete in 1900 (currently Central Kenya) and three years later, the first Kikuyu scriptures were published.
The Swahili New Testament was completed in Mombasa in 1909 while the first Anglican baptisms in Western Kenya were conducted in Maseno and Kima a year later. In 1900, the Luo community of western Kenya first received the scriptures in “Dholuo”, their own language.

The entire Swahili Bible was finally completed in Mombasa in 1914 as the mass movement into the churches in Nyanza and Central Kenya began in 1916.

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