I think my great grandparents came from Berezna, Belarus. Whom can I contact there to see if there are any records?Thanks in advance


Country: Belarus


Hi Judy,
As i have googled your place is in the brest region. Here is the link:

I live far away from Brest. What are the names of your parents? Do they have relatives in Belarus? May be I could do some researches.
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Thanks, Yuri!
I had previously googled it. When I was a teenager, I had asked my father where the family had come from and although he hadn't given me the name of the town, he did say they were from Byelorussia. Lately, some of my cousins have been doing genealogical research and they told me the family came from Berezna, but another Berezna, which was in Russia at the time but is now in Ukraine. I stilll think the family came from that little town (Berezna) in Belarus but I haven't been able to find out anything more concrete. My great grandfather's name was Haskel Babczuk...the name was changed to Bab when my grandfather came to the U.S. That was why I was hoping there might be a town council or something in Berezna where they might have some records.

Thansk, Yuri

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