where can i get cookery lessons in town without a ksce certificate


City: Nairobi

Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


you cant unless your taught at home by someone who knows how to cook.
to get cookin lessons without a kcse certificate is quite hard in nairobi today,however there are private chefs e.g. susan kamau who can help you out or link you to someone.alternatively,with this low season,hotels usually recrit people to train in diff departments and kitchen is one of them.look around am sure you will find something.all the best
Yes you can get cookery lessons in Nairobi without a KCSE Cert. There is EMMA DANIELS CREATION which is a renowned institution in The Hotel Industry. You can contact me through +25472391679 and i can introduce you to the Director.
It depends with your qualifications. I know you have other certificates other than KCSE one. There are colleges that train cookery without the need of kcse certificate. You are trained as long as you understand english and you can enroll for exams with ICM institution where you will qualify to get a diploma. For more details you can contact me through email: or tel: 0727-136455

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