What is your opinion on Gracia Gardens hotel as a place to stay for 2 middle aged ( In their 50's)savvy world travelers.


City: Nairobi

Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


Sorry, I am not familiar with the place but could give you some other places to stay including maybe with other missionaries that have large available ensuite rooms.
yes it is cool place
It is Nice Place to stay in Nairobi
As a tour operator who has been sending tourists to this resort, I recommend it for you. It is a good resort to stay in when in Nairobi. It is good for the aged since it is comfortable and only 4 km away from the city center. It is a home away from home. Please, book it, it is worth your money.
Gracia as i know it s a good place to stay.. please get in touch with me for the better discounted rates.
Nice place to stay away from the hustle & bustle of the city. It is also pocket friendly... Wishing you a nice stay!
I think its really a nice place for them besides it has a cool natural environment and the fact that is near the CBD and yaya centre at the same time, they will enjoy a lot.
very nice place. highly reccomended
the place is good and i have no complain about the gracia gardens you may go ahead and book with them
Gracia Garden is superb, with nice manicured garden, away from the city center, very nice rooms. I am tour operator and i have experience of this place since i have also spent some nights here. Really affordable, with WI-fi, small meeting rooms and conference rooms as well. Their cuisine is delicious and don't forget to order pan fried fish. They have friendly staff as well. Go for it.
It is one of the best and suitable to a such group. If reservations are required please contact me for the rates. Email:
I think it is a lovely place to stay at, it is quiet and serene and good for a couple like that. However, I find it a bit limiting in terms of activities to do and all you can do is talk a walk in the gardens and swim. Other than that, its beautiful and especially when the weather permits a garden dinner would be completely awesome. Have fun and welcome to Kenya.
Nice place go for it.

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