I`m a woman. I`d like to travel to Egypt alone. Is it safe these days?


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


it is safe, what is happening is in Tahrir square, but other parts in cairo and egypt is safe and people go out to work and hang out normally
yes safe and we can offer you female guide if you want to guide you to Egypt sights
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It's always safe to travel in Egypt. Actually in November & December I'm having female friends coming to visit
no it is not safe now a days
you have to wait two months at least to be sure it will be safe :(
yes it is safe dont worry i can join u and i am a woman contact me
depends on which places you are going to visit,some of them are not safe at all,but most of places are quite safe.
its more than safe just tell us what cities you like to see and you will find allot of us helping u with any information you need
All Cairo is safe , but Tahrir square is having some troubles ,, it's between Protesters & police ,, Cairo Museum is in the Tahrir square and it is very safe and secured, don't worry we have Foreigners joinined the protesters ( i don't know How ?? :D ) , Wish you having a safe flight , and i really promise that you will enjoy your vacation in Egypt. Best regards
yeah suure it's only in tahrir square
i'm female too n i hv a normal life nothing changed
but i prefer if u know someone to guid u ( i mean egyptian)
if u need anyhelp just ask it we all here to help
All ppl r replying the Q as if they know when u r coming to Egypt !!! Actually it depends on the way u look at it, here we r living our lives very normal, we neglected the ppl in Tahrir sq. as if they don't exist and we r continuing our live normally.
If u r here in Egypt to travel enjoy ur time and see different cultures u will enjoy, i recommend that u don't hesitate to travel specially because of the media false announcements travelers are avoiding Egypt and the prices went down.
I shall be glad to help u on any more information u might need, pls don't hesitate to contact me , my e mail
wish u a pleasant trip.
Hi, the troubles are only in Tahrir square, everywhere else life goes on as normal. I am an English woman and have been living here for 7 years, even in January this year I felt safe, I live in Cairo too.So if you want to visit by all means come.
You can contact me personally at
It's hard to tell if it is safe right now. If you want to see Tahrir Square, Egyptian Museum or the area in the central Cairo, it's better to postponed your travelling. If you are interested in different parts of the city, you can go - it is safe.
first i need to know when you want to visit egypt
even now its safe to come to egypt if you would like i can join you in your visit to egypt
yes i have a tour tomorrow with an americans couple could you tell me when do you want to visit Egypt i'm english guide and i can help you send me on
yes its always safe and you can ask about any think you want
Egypt always is very safe and there people are very kind n helpful ONLY Tahrir Square and the area around the Ministry of internal affairs has some troubles but rest of Cairo are very safe n living normal life and relevant rest of Egypt. if u wish i can arrange a saffari trip to Siwa Oasis for 3 or 4 days which u will never forget.
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see ya n take care
wishing you all the best
Egypt is very safe come visit Egypt and contact
In general it's very safe now , we still live normally whatever happens , i prefer u travel with a travel agent or tour guide to take care of you
tour guide :
First, let me welcome you to Egypt.
About the safety issue; I believe it is quite safe to tour Egypt; however, it is strongly advisable not to be on your own in the streets.
Women get harassed a lot in the streets and I as an Egyptian women I am quite reluctant to walk freely by myself, especially in the popular regions.
I am talking of course about Cairo, other touristic governorates like Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada, I do not know but imagine they are much safer.
ofcourse it's safe ! you can go around any where in Egypt in a safe way
just keep away from Tahrir Square , that's all ;)
if you need any help or ask about any thing just email me on :
Salam,,Your welcome ,, thr trouble is in tahrir square only you can come and enjoy Egypt its great land ,, even i was with my travelers today at tahrir square for some photos .. if you need any help or tours or any Question please do not hesitate to contact me
Moustafa Yehia
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I cannot spell s"ccess without u
Yes :)
it is safe
in Egypt it is safe all year days :)
just come & you will not regret it.
Have fun. :)
o.k it's safe put any place far away of el-tahrer square
and if you like to travel here in egypt i can help you
Hi, the troubles are only in Tahrir square, everywhere else life goes on as normal. Even in January this year I felt safe, I live in Cairo too.So if you want to visit by all means come.
You can contact me personally at
it is safe but the whole system crashed few months ago so you will find it a bit hard to things by your own so honestly you got to be there through a travel agency
egypt has a lower crime rates than any country in europe , south america , northern america and still , chekc that on website
have a nice trip my lady
yes my lady u can come any time without any fears, just stay away from EL TAHRIR square and every thing is gonna be all right. almost all tourist attractions are away from TAHRIR.

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