Where should I vacation in Ireland?

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING. I do not want to go to the "touristy" places. I prefer going somewhere less mainstream, with less people, and more space to breathe and relax. However, I've never been to Ireland, so I was wondering if anybody could give me a suggestion for someplace with... 1) Lots of open fields 2) Access to forests (lots and lots of beautiful forests!) 3) Castles :D 4) Horse riding, if possible 5) A minimum of "urbanity." I mean, some is obviously good, but I'd like to get away from cities for a bit. Ever since I saw photos of Kilkenny, I've been aching to go. Ireland is absolutely gorgeous, but I only have ~1-2 weeks to experience it =( Any suggestions are welcome! *Important note: Unfortunately, I don't speak any Irish, only English and a bit of this and that. Thank you in advance!


Country: Ireland


Hallo there, just reading through your request you have just about perfectly described the West of Ireland (and many other parts), seeing you like horse riding, I would search for maybe a B & B on or near a estuary. There are so many in the West. If you really want to go remote, I would suggest Achill but you might not find many castles there. You will have no problem with only speaking English as everyone speaks English here. Hope this helps but if you need more info, contact me and I’ll see what I can find for you in the West of Ireland.

The Beara Peninsula is steeped in myths and legends. It is also in the West, but south west. It has beautiful scenery, great friendly people and not many tourists. It lies between the Dingle and Bantry peninsulae, which are both also beautiful places but have more tourists.
As Celia mentioned, the West of Ireland would be an ideal destination for you. There are direct buses from Dublin Airport to Galway. This student town of 70,000 has live music and intimate pubs for your first night in Ireland.

I'm sure if you google Connemara you'll be amazed by the breathtaking scenery of Mountains, Lakes, and Valleys.

Checkout for further information about Galway, Connemara, or the Cliffs of Moher.

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