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Depends on what you call not far?
I suppose you are staying in Amsterdam, and want to visit a German town... by train? Or plane?

The German border is at least 2,5 hours by train from Amsterdam.. Of course there are European trains that can take you straight to Berlin in about 9 hours or so.

I can also suggest, you take the 2,5 hour train to HEERLEN near the German border, and travel 20 more minutes by train to the medieval town of AACHEN, where Charlemagne was crowned in the 9th century.
What is far for you? I know American people don't think 5 hours driving is that far... We Dutch people live in such a small country that we think 2 hours is already far :).

I've been to Dusseldorf this year and I loved it. Great shopping, great buildings, pubs, arts etc. I would definately go for Dusseldorf :).

Berlin is a great place, Dusseldorf is nice too, just as Dortmund..... The fastest and most convinient way to get from AMS to Germany is by train. Check out the pages

It's the page of our railway company, for tickets to our neighbouring countries. The pages are in English! Have fun or as the Germans would say Viel Spass!
as you may now realised, its a preference to promote our country instead hence, touristic details and information is better retrieved from localytes within Germany however, our hospitality is always far reaching across the borders so you probably preferred resorting to us which I trust you made a wiser choice... ;)

From Amsterdam, I'd recommend you to the city of Munster, some 225 km in distance, whichever mode of transport you so choose and it is a quaint town by my past trips into that city. Google on Munster and you'll learn more immediately... all the best and don't stay too long from Holland, we have lots of quaint places too that welcomes inland & foreign tourists as well :)
dusseldorf and koln are both very nice cities to visit for a day or a weekend! Lots of places for dining, shopping, wandering around, arts, architecture etc.
Have fun!
Hi there,
before i could give you the best answer to your question i should ask the same as the others did - what do you perceive as far and how would you like to travel. Nevertheless, I've got some suggestions for you. Dusseldorf, Duisburg and Dortmund are quite close to the Dutch border and there's a lot to see and do there. However, the best German city is and will always be Munich. If you have got the opportunity to go there that's going to be your best choice.
Actually, if you go to Dortmund from there you can take a really cheap flight to Munich ~20 euro one-way. I am currently residing in Munich so if you decide to come over here then you're more than welcome to contact me personally and I'll make sure to organize a great time for you here :)
My best regards,
I`m seeing some great suggestions but most of these are the bigger and modernized cities and Hamburg is I think one of the best of them, it has it all; big historic inner city, big harbor to explore (it is one of the original hasestadte, conglomerate, medieval trading, port cities in western Europe and still the number 9th harbor in Europe today.

But I think that if you want a more quaint experience you should see Herborn near Dortmund, Dusseldorf and Koln. Or go for Erkelenz, Bonn, Pulheim or Duren, apart form Herborn and Hamburg these are all quite near each other. And they are all along the bigger roads and easily accessible by train, plane or car. So if you`ve got a few days for Germany this is the way to go. This area has got a lot to offer its the most densely populated (a lot off people speak English here) bundesland (bundesland=province/state) in Germany with the best infrastructure and public transport in Germany. Unless you`ve got more time/money on your hands and can go as deep into germany as Bayern, Baden-Wurttemberg or Sachsen. My suggestion is "Go tot the Nordrhein-Westfalen bundesland!" It will save you some money on traveling since it`s just over the border and all the good sites are close to each other.

Hope this information helps you and if you`ve got more detailed questions about Germany, I`ll happily answer them for you.

Distance wise, it's quicker to go south east to Germany, then Cologne and Dusseldorf are only about 2 hours with the train and are both quite beautiful cities, especially if you're here in November/December for the winter markets. Cologne has an amazing domed cathedral. I also agree with Munster below.

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