If I buy something in the US and bring it back to Malta how much is the tax?

Does anyone know? Or know how I can find out? I want to do some shopping and I need to know..


Country: Malta


it depends on the type of item you are going to bring, but i belive that if you are buying froma country that is not in the EU, in this case the US, the usual tax is 10% of the original price of the item, but i am not sure. that is what i pay when i buy online
check this site .
check out this site

I am sorry but I dont have more info at the moment. I can ask friends who have been to the US and get back to you. You didnt say when you were going.
You can find lots of information on the site

My answer to your question would be depends on what you're buying !!.... if it's some small single item for personal use then you could pass through nothing to declare at customs. Otherwise if you are bringing back some other stuff then you'd have to pay.
you will need to check out the following site

Most of what you are looking for will be here. As you have already been advised, the tax will depend on what you buy as well as the quantity you buy. As you are purchasing outside the EU then you will be entitled to Duty free prices but there are still limitations. You did not mention when you are going and the item(s) you intend to buy. If you can provide more information, maybe I can be of more help
i have bought stuff from the US recently aka my Blackberry lol... there are 2 charges: the tax(VAT) that is 18% and the service charge about 15 euros sorta.
Well, I live in Mexico and everytime i bring things to Malta no one ask me about it. But it depends what kind of things you bring. USA do not like you to have vegetables and fruits and arms unless you have the right permitions. and you need to check on the airline's website what type of object you can take.

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