how far is the night safari from the changi aiport? thanks


City: Singapore

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Country: Singapore


22.9 kilometres (14.2 miles)
30mins by taxi from Airport
Nothing is really more than an hour away in Singapore and if you are in a car/taxi, I would say 30 - 40 minutes will get you from Changi to the Night Safari in Mandai. You're not hefting your luggage straight from the plane to say hi to the animals, are you?

Going by bus is a more daunting proposition which will definitely take more than an hour, maybe even closer to 2. Take #24 from Changi Airport Terminal 2 Basement and change to #138 at Ang Mo Kio Interchange. Alternatively, you can take the train (also from Terminal 2) to Ang Mo Kio station and change to bus #138. I'd go with the car/taxi though.
The is 15km, by car 20min
Its around 14 - 15 km & the taxi fare is around $28 (+ -) depending on the time. It should take about 40 mins.

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