if in pattaya, what is the approximate cheapest price for parasailing and which beach in pattaya has the best parasailing?


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


They are all the same price! Depends if you want to parasail from the beach - then that happens at Jomtien or if you want to go out and do it from a flat bottomed boat then from Pattaya Beach
The price is around 400-1,000 baht depends on how long you like to take like 30 minutes - 1 hour. It sails around Pattaya beach to Jomtien beach or upto Koh Lan Island if you like.
Well, I haven't done it myself. I like to keep both feet (or wheels) on the ground.
But what do you consider best? Longest in the air? Highest in the air? Best materials? Cheapest price? I think all the guys that offer these trips are quit similar.
Well my personal latest experiences in Pattaya (platform) and Koh Lan (island) with parasailing cost 400 Baht for one tour of 5 min. And you bet, there are much more
expensive/rip offs. Have fun.
Two weeks ago we paid 800TB for 10 min in Rayong...
This activity will cost you around 500 to 600 baht per person. The beach location is not really a concern as the parasailing takes place in the middle of the sea. The tour operator will take you to a big barge in the middle of the ocean where you take off to parasail.There is also a photographer on board who will gladly take your photo in flight, charging around 100 to 200 baht per picture.
I am not sure about the price but there is plenty of para-sailing available just off Pattaya beach.
Depends on how well you can bargin, but normally about 1000.00 Baht for 30 minutes.

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