Beijing Tours should I book in Chicago?

Hi, Does it make sense to sign up with a tour company in Beijing from Chicago, or take tours(hotel arranged) once we land in Beijing. The quotes I am getting from Tour companies are very expensive. Thanks!


City: Beijing

Municipality: Beijing

Country: China


Travel company needs profit! you can pick up from Internet. The hotel price is not so expensive in Beijing, I think.
you can simply book the tour when u are here in BJ, much cheaper and very easy to need to do it in Chicago...
u can just ask hotel to arrange a tour for you base on your itineraries, or go to join a day tour in travel agency--cheaper than hotel price for sure..
You don't need to do it in Chicago at all. Most of the hotels in downtown Beijing can provide such service for you. The type of tours you can choose depends on how many days you wanna spend. For downtown Beijing one day seems to be a bit tight. 2 or 3 days is better. If you wish I might be able to accopany you as a guide for the tour during your stay. One thing to let you know is I'm not a full-time tour guide but just a very local Beijingnese. Let me know if you are interested so we can have further discussion in details.
Hi, no you should absolutely wait. Remember the exchange rate is 1USD/7RMB. If you wait until you're here, you won't get charged American prices. :) Most foreign hotels can help you with booking and this isn't a high tourism season. Also, if you know anyone locally, particularly in the expat community, you can get an even better deal.
Public Transport is very convenient in Beijing, so you can absolutely arrange your tours in Beijing by yourself. Try to find the useful information on

Have a good time in Beijing

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Hi, It is pretty easy to book a private tour to Beijing from Chicago.
it is more cheaper than travel agency.
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it is a one stop station service for friends from all over the world,
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