What would be the perfect date in amsterdam?

OK: so this summer I am going to Amsterdam (June/July 2010) and am going to want to go on a(some) perfect date(s) with my special someone... We both like long walks but there are no beaches, so i need a place to go on a walk (several places) We like movies We like beds (wink wink) We like romantic scenery And we like art if there is anything anyone can suggest please go ahead (It doesn't have to be to do with what we like; above)


City: Amsterdam

Province: Noord-Holland

Country: Netherlands


in Amsterdam u have a few options. u can go shopping in the big shoppingstreet wich is located in the middle of the town, walk from central station to dam square and there is a big shop (de bijenkorf), the palace, and left and right of the palace the shoppingstreet kalverstraat. to see celebrites visit madam tussaud there.

for a long walk in the park/woods i advise u "het amsterdamse bos" (the amsterdam woods). nice walking there.
If you want something really romantic (I never saw Amsterdam as romantic before I went there, so it must be REALLY romantic) go to the top of the Kalvertoren, near Muntplein. You have a really nice view of Amsterdam there. If you want to walk, a really nice date would probably be just walking through the center, with all the canals and bridges, maybe going to the Jordaan, see the old city. Of course, that's only if you like old buildings as much as I do. Furthermore, I'd suggest going to the Museumplein (Museum square) as there are 4 museums there. I think 2 of them are closed for renovation now, and I don't know when they will re-open, but I think the other two are better anyway.
Wow, some plans you got boy. Let me see, let's start with the long walks, for a bit of a walk you can go to the beautiful Vondelpark but also to the less famous Oosterpark. Or you can choose a walk in the surroundings of Amsterdam, The VVV (tourist information) and ANWB sell all types of hikes in the neighborhood of AMS starting around 10 km. And if you do want to go to the beach Zandvoort or Bloemendaal are both very closeby. And last summer there was the citybeach called Strand West.

Movies, I would recommend Tuschinski theatre the most awesome place to catch a movie. The Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam is the Netherlands' most beautiful cinema and one of the greatest ever erected.

This Art Deco movie palace was the crowning achievement of Abraham Tuschinski. A self-taught Jewish tailor from Poland, Tuschinski was on his way to America about one hundred years ago, when he was waylaid in Rotterdam and ended up building a movie theater enterprise in Holland instead.
The big Hollywood blockbuster premiers are always held at this cinema, maybe you bump into a celeb....

Wanna sleep in a famous bed??? Stay at the Amsterdam Hilton, Famous for John Lennon and Yoko Ono's 1969 'bed-in for peace'. Another less romantic detail, our famous painter Herman killed himself by jumping of the roof of this same hotel....

Romantic in general, walking along the moonlight canals, or make a boattrip on one of the canals. Or have a picknick in one of the parks.

And if you have time left, hop on a train and visit my hometown Breda!!! Have fun! And if you have questions left, feel free to contact me. Cheers!
Ok let's start with the long walks. For some very nice 'long' walks I would suggest to go to the Amsterdamse Bos or to the Sloterpark, both are outside the centre but very good reachable with public transport. The Amsterdamse Bos, with it's 1000 hectares, is a man made forest within a city.
The Sloterpark is with its 91 hectares the biggest park in Amsterdam and it lies around a big puddle. When you walk through this park you'll get a kind of idea of walking through a forest.
I would avoid the Vondelpark in that time of year, because it is very crowded, especially on sunny day's and in the weekends.

For some romantic scenery I would go on a canal boat trip at night or a nice evening walk along the canals.

For the movies I would absolutely recommend the Tuschinski theatre, near Rembrandtsplein(square).
A lake for a date is a purrrfect place to rake in your beloved before heading to bed... "wink-wink".
I chose mjen somewhere very smallish, by the streams and little shadowy hideouts behind our Queen's Hague's home, (her palace as well) where you can lay the mat out, open that picnic basket, set aside yr bicycles against the tree offering you plenty of shade and you both fall into each other arms while a book is read or tales of yesteryear is aired... ;)
Perhaps boating is another romance you'd prefer for which we havve several large lakes and boats for hire.
Holland is just a perfect place for summertime romance... many found thrilling love escapades in our country too.:)

The Hague's splendor with artistry and richly cultured surroundings embodies even more places to stroll about from shops to beaches and find peaceful paths along our dunes... mid June is ideal which many who have once or twice been here would agree too.
Rent a bike and a picnic basket (some rentals offer this as a service) and bottle of bubbles and head out towards Broek-in-waterland about 10km north of Amsterdam. Along the way you'll pass everything typically dutch - windmills, water, cute farms etc. Come back via other smaller villages of Holysloot and Ransdorp. You'll have a fabulous healthy day out. Finish with a picnic on the Ij just behind central station in Amsterdam!

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